On Mixing Purpose With Passion

Ylleana De Guzman, Creative Director.         


They say when finding your purpose, you have to keep four things in mind. Do what you love, do what you’re good at, do something you can be paid for, and do something that the world needs. Luckily, I figured out what my purpose is, even though it took me two years since graduating.

Film production has always fascinated me, which is why after working from one industry to another, I finally got a job where I can continue what I loved doing back in college. To top it all off, I got to travel. I’ve always wanted to do that, and to be able to travel while working was a luxury for me.

Filming at the sea of Panglao, Bohol. March 2013.

Filming at the sea of Panglao, Bohol. March 2013.

The first client we had in that startup was from the hotel and leisure industry. Creating videos for them meant that we had to go on location and shoot at each of their sites in the country. As soon as I learned about our production schedule, I got ecstatic. I was literally counting the days when we’d start the trip and experience a lot of many firsts that I would be experiencing, all because of my “job.”

The series of out-of-town shoots for this particular client weren’t just around Manila or here in Luzon.  They were on the outskirts of the other islands that we have in Visayas. So that meant we had to ride an airplane and it was my first time to go out-of-town via air transportation. After 23 years of existence, I got to experience first hand what I just watch in the movies: checking my bag in, boarding on plane, feeling the adrenaline rush when the plane takes off, seeing the world on a bird's eye view. I have been in love with nature and the cosmic universe ever since I can remember and consuming the breath-taking view just makes you stare in awe and enjoy the moment.

When we landed in Aklan and Bohol, we went to the hotels and checked in for overnight stays--which is also a first for me-- and we started filming what we can for stock footage. Another first here is being able to handle a C500, one of Canon’s high-end digital cinema cameras. The funny and exciting thing on one of our shoot locations was I had to use the C500 mounted on a rig, guarding it with my life while keeping my balance on a shaky boat, and while enjoying my first time watching dolphins swim freely near our boat kilometers away from Bohol.

Reminiscing about it now, it seems like I got the best job anyone could ever ask for and I’m extremely grateful to all of my mentors for giving me the opportunity and learning, and for believing in me. Now that I’m almost a year into my stint with a different company--given a heavier role leading a team of creatives and being able to chime in the business side of the company--I’ve again experienced a lot of firsts and will continue to embrace every “first” that I’ll ever encounter; because everything we try for the first time gives us an acquired skill; a take away of an adventure that can inspire us to do the impossible.


Ylleana De Guzman is a Creative Director, with expertise in commercial film production and advertising through visual media. She has worked on projects for multinational brands, local corporations, and is an advocate for environmental and natural awareness.